A Sincere Apology

I deeply regret my behavior. Im extremely sorry for my actions. I know i couldnt take back what has been said and done. But im really really sorry. I became self centered, I only thought of myself instead of thinking about you especially after your terrible experience. I settled on getting revenge instead of understanding your traumatic situation. I didnt show care. I was too insensitive and didnt think of your well being after your worst day at work. I added pain and sufferring on you instead of helping on easing it. I neglected you when you needed me most. Im genuinely sorry

Im sorry for leaving you alone when you need me. Im sorry for being self centered. Sorry for being revengeful and pointing blame on you even if it should be me whos to blame. Im sorry for neglecting you and leaving you and for not showing care. Im sorry for being the worst bf to you when you needed your partner to console you. Im sorry for not being sympathetic and instead causing you additional pain. Im sorry for being insensitive and ignorant. Im sorry for being an asshole.

My apology might be too late but i want to make things right. I want to be there for you when you needed me most. I will do anything just to make up for the wrong things that ive done. Ill strive to correct my imperfections. Ill change my wrong ways. I want to be the best bf for you. And i want to do it not because you said it, but because thats what my heart truly feels and wants to do. Thats what my heart desires. I love you very much. I want to be the best for you.



  1. My dear friend

    It is always great when we are able to admit mistakes we have done – we cannot make them undone, but we can learn from it – as you have shown in your words and prevent that it happens another time. I fully appreciate your honesty 🙂
    Thanks for sharing, my dear friend


  2. Hmmmm, it’s a wonderful apology and so well written, but do you really need to change yourself completely to please someone else? Surely true love is accepting someone for who they are, not what you want them to be? Just a thought, 😉


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