A Response to A Sincere Apology

This is a sincere apology. I was longing for this since yesterday and it made me cry a river. I never thought that you will fully realize all these. You are a good man but a challenging one. Atweel, you would’ve wanted to say it to me too. We have our own demons that were fighting with and most of the time, it wins.

We’re polarized by our pride and it devours us; however, the most important thing is to realize and accept that the pride lives in us and be acquainted that its the demon that we should slay. Its always the first step to know the enemy.

I wouldnt want to brag that im an imperfect bitch. I fail over and over and my pride shackled me to the bottom of the sea. I too drown with it and my only aim is to breath over the waters; but im trying to remove the shackles and fantasizing to float above and meet the sky. Its hard but i assure you that i keep on trying.

Now that we have acknowledged our imperfections, lets make a plan to do something about it. Lets hand each other the keys that bind us to the chain that will free us from pride.

I was enthralled when you learn and when you let me feel what a sincere apology is. It made my heart melt. I was losing hope that it will be possible but u defied my thoughts of hopelessness.

You have done your part and i’ll do mine.

I may not be always the first to say sorry but know that my soul speaks when i do. I may always waiting for you to apologize sincerely first, but when you do, my heart is always receptive and ready to welcome you always where you belong.

Im sorry for being emotionally unstable most of the time. Im sorry and i will keep trying to become the best for you.

Let’s make it a habbit to offer the sincerest apology to one another instead of asking for it. Lets prioritize each others feelings and not condemn each other if the situation doesnt fall on double standard. There should be one to offer genuine humility to every situation when pride plots to kill a beautiful relationship. We will not let that happen. I love you too so much that we’ll keep fighting together to live happily ever after.


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