A Dose of Prayer #01

Dear God,

Our glorious Father in heaven who created all that we see in the world, our Lord God almighty whose name is above all else, we honor and praise your name our powerful God who loves us unconditionally despite our flaws.

Father, as i come before you today, i thank You for all the blessings that i don’t even deserve, from opening my eyes this morning and for guiding me all the way to where i am today. Thank for all the love, and care and the continuous protection that you are providing me each day.

Lord, i know that You’ve been gracious to me yet there are still requests that i am still praying for. Father, i would want to focus praying for peace amidst the war between Ukraine and Russia. May you receive the souls of the casualties in the war. May you comfort the families who have lost loved ones because of this unnecessary fight between the two countries. May you open both leaders’ minds to come up to something that would save lives instead of shedding blood among their people. I believe that through You Lord God, this war will cease and the love for each other will overcome this strife. May You enlighten us the reason for all the things that is happening around the world.

Father, i know that You care for all of Your children, please help us endure until the end. I understand that it won’t be easy following You genuinely with pure intentions but please strengthen our faith that we may last til our Lord Jesus our Savior comes back to us and fetch us from the cruelty of this world.

Hear my prayer Lord God as i lift to You all that’s in my heart.

These i pray in the name of Your Son, Jesus, our Messaiah,



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