My Silent Yearning

I just wish i could bring back the time,

When my mom, dad, and brother,

Aunts, uncles, cousins are my world.

All seems perfect if we rewind.

Pure laughters can be heard.

Genuine affection was salient.

The family love was overflowing.

The bond was strongly attached.

With the vicissitude of time,

Wearing off love was subtle.

Division and separation spilled.

The hearts grew cold as ice.

Pure laughters sailed off.

Genuine affection vanished in the sky.

Could i bring back the time,

And be huddled by the love we once knew?

At times, we need to let go of the hurdles,

Those that polarize us.

Those things belong to the world.

Soon we’ll realize what our real treasure is

And who’ll stay at our back.

Let’s not embrace the ephemeral things,

Thats tangible temporarily.

Im fervently praying that everybody will realize it soon before it tears us all apart.


  1. Some of the hurdles that polarize us are from differences in communication style-and from the timing of that communication. Wanting someone’s immediate attention, in the middle of the night or when the person is in the midst of work, is often untenable.


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