Out to reality

Walking on this road of uncertainty

Where everyone’s wearing a mask

I put on mine with a great smile

Yet behind’s no curve at all.

Lying in my own wonderland

Chasing hastily this grey scale of the past

Trying to breathe in the blissful wind

Yet stuck in my own deliverance.

With barefoot i’ll climb

This huge mountain so high

As you extend your arms

With reality in your hand

You offered a real world

In the silhouette of my dreams

Breathing the cooling breeze

Of the bright cloud you render

Im a dreamer of a beautiful story

You’re a dream that i want to write

I’ll meet you in my fantasy

And we’re going out to reality


  1. Beautiful start! Loving the way that you weave those words together to make your art meaningful to the readers and a superb piece of eye-pleasing writing to everyone. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!


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