Fluctuating Heartbeat

It was just like a drumroll last night. I can hear it loud as it reaches the solitude of my peaceful inner being. It invades the silence of my soul. There.. the heartbeat of excitement, the sound of the blissful music that lingers in my existence.

And suddenly, it faded.. until its gone..

I groped around and tried to find the melody..

Shhh.. there.. I can hear it faintly.. almost inaudible.. But its there.. i believe its there.. shhh.. let me revive the harmony of this song. I fostered this tune and raised to its finest. I chose the notes and the rhythm.

Shhh.. it was rekindled. A sudden spark ignited the spiritless heart. Its reaching the citadel. It was awaken and invigorated. It was predestined to recuperate, roaring. Now i can hear it again, playing the melodious sound that elates my slumbering soul. 

Shhh.. listen.. its loud.. 

Shhh.. listen.. its fading.. again.. 


  1. I enjoyed reading this. Life is so full of ebbs and flows, ups and downs……but the whisper of hope is always there, even when we don’t hear it. The ember never dies, even when everything appears dark. Thanks for following, “Anything is Possible.”


  2. I really enjoyed this poem. I’ve literally been been feeling this way the last few days – really down I like the ever present light at the end of the tunnel even if we’re so far we don’t see it. It’s such a lovely message.

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  3. Good poetry that lets you really feel what you convey. You visited pureglory.net and wanted feedback on your website. I would suggest that you complete an about post. You have a good start.


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