After a long wait…

Its a good weather to start a day.

There’s a list that i want to accomplish for this whole day but my ass’ so heavy that i cant even move up, hence, im in my phone and making the most of my time figuring how to manage my wordpress and soundcloud profile. Ive really wanted to compose songs and poems and do covers; however, im still groping around on both apps that it consumes my time discovering how to do things here and there, so, im gonna start my first blog like this. It may not be interesting but atleast ive started something. Ive created my account here several weeks ago and ive just created my first blog today! Yay! Congratulations to me! (Clap clap)

This is one step closer to my wide imagination. I have a big dream but i lack confidence to even move one foot to where i wanna go. My thoughts are far from how others see me. (Thats what i think though) I know and i believe that i have a talent composing poems and songs but i dont know my priorities. My mind’s scattered. I want to nurture all my abilities but i have this feeling that i will forever be an amateur in all the things that i want to achieve. And in my mind, i know i can sing a little, i can dance a little, my compositions were just ok, and im not that great and remarkable and will not forever be, so i just sob, in my room, at times. Im trying to come out a little by uploading covers on facebook. Im really a frustrated singer so im channeling this frustration to composition. Im also training tae kwon do and currently holding blue belt so atleast i could say that ihave a unique combination of talents. (I still consider singing and dancing my talents even if im not that good at it). It was really one of my dreams to accomplish one martial art though but ive just started it recently.

My dilemma is, which one should i nurture and give my focus to. As of now, i am hyped to become better in all the things thats in my mind. And, today, ive started my first blog. How i wish i can continue sharing my thoughts. Im decided to go out of my closet. After a long wait…


  1. what are your strengths? If not sure, ask family, friends, coworkers what they see as your strengths. . they may surprise you. It’s hard to be great at everything, most people who try end up just being average at everything. . . think about it. . . all of the people who are GREAT, or the Greatest of all time, whether its an athlete, a musician, an inventor. . . they are known for a specific thing that they are great at. . . not everything. . but they found their purpose or their strength and they focused on that. . and they became okay at not being greatest in other areas. . . but focused on being masters where their strength is. . .So my advice. . find your strengths, dedicate time to those areas. You’ll still have to spend time in all the other areas. . but make your strength areas priority. . nurture, challenge and grow those areas consistently

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    • Hello.. thank you for visiting my site. I think im more on creative writing and composition. When i was in grade school, i used to start composing songs but i told myself that my works arent that good so they all ended up in the trashbin, however, ive created 3 original songs that i recorded at soundcloud. Maybe ill post it on my site soon and i would like to hear a feedback from you. I really appreciate ur advice. Thank you.

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  2. It’s great you found an outlet that is healthy and productive, I also use blogging as a way to relieve some of my feelings.
    Good luck with future blogging and welcome to WordPress!

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    • Hello. Ive noticed your empty blog. Hope to see posts at your site in the future and lets share some ideas to grow in creative writing. Thank you for visiting my site❤


  3. Keep writing, and congratulations on the leap of faith to BEGIN…I relate to the many competing passions. Sometimes one leads to another, other times we discover our true calling, by taking one small step at a time. And then another, and another. But I will tell you this- you will never go wrong if you keep writing, and be true to yourself. God bless your journey!

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    • Thank u for the time to read my posts. Your words inspired me to pursue creative writing. I will soon post my original composition and i hope you give feedback to it. Thank you❤


  4. Hello,
    Welcome to the blogging world! I can really relate to your post. I am also a ‘Jack of all trades’ and also feel that there is no one thing at which I excel. I have many different interests so find it hard to concentrate on one area to become really good at it. I think the majority of people are like this but I also believe that following all your interests is important because I believe they will eventually lead us to our purpose in life. That might just be to be happy doing what we love. Remember that life is about the journey, not the destination!
    I am also a new blogger (just completed my about page!), my blog is about my personal journey and the ways in which I can improve myself to lead my best life.

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  5. Utilize the blog to gain your confidence! I set up my wordpress on Jan 1 of this year and it took me until mid April to find the courage to post my first blog. I was terrified, yet excited. And the response from everyone has been overwhelming positive~ so, follow your heart… that will always be my advice. Figure out what really sets your soul on fire, and go forward with that!!! Good luck…. you will succeed.

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  6. Wishing you well with your blog! If you like writing things out, you might want to try making a list of things you are interested in blogging about (categories and types as well as subjects) and think about the readers you would like to reach, etc. That helped me narrow things down, form some specific goals, and decide what I wanted my blog to look like. Enjoy!


  7. Keep writing, but remember that becoming successful in this way might take a really long time. Not to discourage you, but I started at age 18, I’m 38 now and FINALLY able to see a bit of a financial income from my writing.

    With that said, keep in mind that everyone who was ever successful in life started out somewhere. Everyone goes through stages in their career. Everyone has their playful beginnings, their share of mistakes, and oftentimes roadblocks. Not to mention naysayers and people who go out of their way to discourage you.

    Best of luck. We’re all rooting for you. 🙂

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